Wonderful Winter

Your Wonderful Winter…

Mother Nature has flicked the switch to Winter…we are now trying to find a matching pair of gloves at the back of the wardrobe, polishing those long boots and switching up to heavy duty skincare.

It’s an expensive time of year with Christmas round the corner, with the inevitable gift list struggle, parties to attend, and the mad dash to see family and friends all so that we can sit for a precious day and do nothing…oh the irony!

The last thing we need is to worry about what to wear for each & every occasion! So here are some tips for your survival, while retaining your time, sense of style, and hard earned cash!

List it – We all have some events that are annual and non-negotiable from the work Christmas ‘do’ to a catch up with the girls over a Gingerbread latte or 3…grab that diary and make a list. Now you know what you are dealing with and when.

Next, borrow the kids crayons and colour code the events into ‘Formal’, ‘Informal’ and ‘Off duty’ – E.g. The first category could be your work ‘do’ in a lovely hotel, the second category could be lunchtime drinks with the girls, and the latter could be Sunday lunch with the family.

Audit – Now is a great time to really look at your wardrobe. Divide clothes into daywear and eveningwear first. Then list the numbers of each item e.g. 10 tops, and their colour.

Now look at your list of events and try to put together suitable outfits together and hang these in your wardrobe in date order from left to right. This gives you time to choose your jewellery, shoes, bag and any other accessories on the day.

Once you have done this you will see if there are any glaring gaps in your wardrobe. Are all of your daywear tops black? Only have 1 pair of jeans that fit? Or is your favourite evening dress looking tatty?

Assess – Before you justify a major shopping expedition to fill the gaps, stop! Do you have items that just need some TLC such as a new zip or buttons replacing. If you’re not a whizz with a needle, maybe Mom or your best mate is! Have friends of a similar size? Why not have a clothes swap evening where you all end up with something new to keep or borrow.

The Shop – If you do head out then follow my advice…Make your list and stick to it. Take cash so you are not tempted to spend more. Eat before you go – hungry people spend more & quicker – fact! Set an alarm on your phone for the car park. Don’t underestimate the power of accessories – a statement necklace or gorgeous shawl may be all you need to change the look of last years Christmas dress.

All inthe detail – Polish your shoes, sew that button back on, give your handbag a clean…you will look more polished and feel more ‘together’.

Insider tip….I tend to keep a small bag in the car with some jewellery, a pretty scarf, a pair of heels and an evening lippy just in case of impromptu engagements. After all, it’s no fun to say ‘no’ just because you don’t feel dressed for the occasion.

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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year….see you on the other side ;0)


The Image Angel x