April Showers

It’s April already and we are busy at Image Angel HQ with some very exciting projects coming up this year. The Warwickshire Wellbeing Fair 29/4 and Coventry Pride 2017! See our Events page for more info!

Following a mild winter, it is becoming increasingly necessary to become your own family Weather forecaster as well as the myriad of other personas that we all juggle on a daily basis!

With that in mind, here are some tips on achieving that sought after layering look without falling in to trap of ending up freezing or boiling during the day, and without adding bulk.

And the main benefit? As the awesome Gok says…’Buy Less, wear more’ by experimenting with your existing wardrobe, you will get more wear and can save your pennies for some fab Summer buys!

Start with the basics – Do you have a wardrobe full of patterns that are hard to match? Even the most flamboyant dresser needs some basic items to give balance to some looks. These do not have to cost the earth – think vest tops, long sleeve t-shirts and trousers all in neutral colours to ‘ground’ your look.

Use your favourite blouses and tops over the basics to add colour, interest and personality.

Knits go lightly – Look for lightweight knits, not chunky ones. These will still provide warmth when paired with a basic top without adding unwanted bulk. On milder days you will be able to wear a jacket instead of a coat over these.

Scarves are your new BF! – From long thin ones for draping around the neck with a top, jacket and jeans / skirt to large wraps which can be wrapped around the body over a dress, they are a cheap way to stay warm and update your look.

Tailoring – a tailored jacket can look just as stylish as a well-fitted coat without looking like you are ready for the boardroom. To keep it fresh and modern think outside the box and ditch the black in favour of nay blue, grey or a pop of colour and add some accessories to finish the look.

Belt up – Belts can be used to (literally) tie a look together. For example, a basic top, white shirt and jacket can look great when defined by a belt in the same colour as another part of the outfit.

Colour – Create a colour family in your outfit for a stylish look. For example, pick out blue from a scarf by teaming with a different shade of blue shirt.

Fabric – Choose only lightweight, natural breathable fabrics that will be comfortable to wear, will not make you overheat, and will give a sleek silhouette in a fitted style (there’s no room for the oversized trend when layering).

Pattern – Keep the pattern to one or two pieces max such as your skirt and scarf to avoid looking mismatched….unless you love the maximalism trend!  

Shoes – if you are petite and worry about layers making you look shorter then add a heel to elongate you further. A pointed toe will draw the eye even further than a square or rounded toe also.

P is for proportion – By finding out whether you have a longer body or legs it is easier to use layering effectively and avoid making short legs look shorter for example. Visual illusions with length re-establish balance as only 10% of the population are in proportion!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring!


The Image Angel x